Times and Appointed Times
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Times and Appointed Times presents objective biblical information from the Tanakh concerning the biblical Feasts and when to keep them. It shows how that information elucidates the biblical chronology and proves that only Yeshua could be Israel’s Messiah. This work evaluates the material from a uniquely Hebraic perspective, using biblical data in conjunction with verifiable astronomical and credible historical data. Encompassing the years 3944 BCE to 88 CE and 1933 to 2041, Times and Appointed Times is the explanatory material for the data laid out as a linear timeline available on this site.
Where are we in relation to the historical Sabbatical/Jubilee cycle? Is that cycle relevant to Messiah’s return? What does the Hebrew text reveal concerning the pronunciation of the Name? Times and Appointed Times attempts to answer these and many other questions regarding biblical chronology and the Feast days.
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